Teri Carter writes about Kentucky politics.

You can find her work at MSNBC, The Washington Post, New York Times, Kentucky Lantern, Lexington Herald-Leader and more.

In many ways, Teri has been on the front lines of some of the most controversial issues in the country, including abortion, the epidemic of gun violence, LGBTQ rights, Covid-19, immigration, and the scourge of the MAGA movement.

In 2022, after changing her registration from Democrat to Republican, she ran in the Republican primary for County Magistrate to see if it was possible for the best candidate — and the only woman in a 4-way race — to win a seat at the table. She lost, but learned firsthand about the pressures of being a candidate and how elections work from the inside.

After the Old National Bank mass shooting in Louisville on April 10, 2023, where 5 were murdered and 8 others wounded, Teri became an active volunteer and communications leader with Moms Demand Action to fight for reasonable gun laws in Kentucky.

Teri has a BA in English from the University of Minnesota; she has an MFA in nonfiction writing from San Jose State University; she is on the board of the Society of Professional Journalists - Bluegrass Region; and she is working on a memoir about the decimation of local newspapers and what that portends for small, rural communities.

EMAIL:  External link opens in new tab or windowkentuckyteri@gmail.com